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Hot Glove Glove Mallet

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Product Description:

Hot Glove Glove Mallet

SKU: 113

The Glove Mallet helps break in the glove pocket and finger pockets. Mallet head size is the same shape and size as a baseball.

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Customer Product Ratings for Hot Glove Glove Mallet
Review by Erik Okerholm

Got this to break in a few different gloves for my son (1st baseman, Catcher) before Xmas. Works great and helps out a lot. Immediately notice a difference.

One issue -- The handle isn't long enough.

I'm now donning a bandaided pointer finger, as when you grip the handle, that knuckle hits the gloves on the edges with stiching. OUCH!

Can work around it and hold it different (or wear a glove), but the natural hold position is just too close to where all the stiching is.

Make a longer version or find one.

Otherwise, seriously, this really does help break in the glove and I saw immediate results the first day after a few hunderd whacks.

Would have given it 5 stars, but ouch, my finger hurts :-)P

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: Not long enough, you nail your knuckles

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend

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