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Marucci Chase Utley Youth Model Wood Bat - Black

Marucci Chase Utley Youth Model Wood Bat - Black
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Product Description:

Marucci Chase Utley Youth Model Wood Bat - Black


The same model, cut and finish used by MLB All-Star Chase Utley - scaled to the youth hitter.  The CU26 is designed for maximum bat speed and barrel whip.  This is a great model for a player hitting for precision as well as power.  The CU26 is the best bat in the Marucci lineup for those transitioning from metal to wood for the first time.

  • Premium Pro Quality Maple Wood
  • Hand crafted and bone rubbed for each hitter
  • Cupped end for balanced swing weight
  • Black Gloss Finish
  • 2 1/4'' barrel
  • 29/32'' handle

Warranty Info
Baseball bats are generally covered by a manufacturer's warranty. Once the plastic is removed, if you have any defect or question in regards to warranty, please contact the bat manufacturer. View our complete Return Policy.
Customer Reviews
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Customer Product Ratings for Marucci Chase Utley Youth Model Wood Bat - Black
Review by Jack

It is a very good bat I would recommend for training to not mess up the expensive metal bats you use for games

Pros: There is a lot of pop in it and they hold up well for a long time.

Cons: Paint chips sort of fast

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