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Louisville Slugger 2014 BBAT14-RR Attack BBCOR (-3) Adult Bat

2014 BBAT14-RR Attack BBCOR (-3) Adult Bat
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Product Description:

Louisville Slugger 2014 BBAT14-RR Attack BBCOR (-3) Adult Bat


Louisville Slugger has created a revolutionary new transition technology named TRU3 to strengthen the link between the barrel and handle of the Attack bat to give it a trampoline spring and dramatically reduce vibration on contact. The socket and rubber interface (the hard connection between the barrel and handle) results in a bat that's not only sturdier but feels better with every swing. Thinner high-strength and lightweight graphite fibers allow us to use more layers in the handle and transition for added strength, while reducing overall wall thickness. Inside the barrel, Flex Band Technology allows for one of the lightest swing weights among all BBCOR bats on the market. This one inch graphite band allows the sweet spot to feel just like your old BESR bat!

  • Pure 360 Composite
  • TRU3- 3 piece bat construction
  • 2 5/8 barrel
  • Flex band barrel technology
  • 31/32" tapered handle
  • 30 day Manufacturers satisfaction guarantee

Warranty Info
Baseball bats are generally covered by a manufacturer's warranty. Once the plastic is removed, if you have any defect or question in regards to warranty, please contact the bat manufacturer. View our complete Return Policy.
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