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ALL-STAR Catcher's Gear Sets

These complete catcher's gear sets will protect you and save you money. Buy all your gear to match and you'll be out on the field ready to play your best.

Catcher's equipment sets include a catcher's helmet, a chest protector, and leg guards. Some catcher gear sets include a catcher's bag as well. Our catcher's gear sets get you all the gear you need behind the plate, and you can save 10% or more by buying the set.

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All ALL-STAR Catcher's Gear Sets
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ALL-STAR CK1216PS Player's Series Catcher's Kit

ALL-STAR CK1216S7 Young Pro Catcher's Set
2 Ratings

ALL-STAR CK912PS Player's Series Catcher's Kit

ALL-STAR CK912S7 Young Pro Catcher's Set

ALL-STAR CKBX-79LS Youth League Catcher's Kit

ALL-STAR CKBX-912LS Youth League Catcher's Kit

ALL-STAR CKPRO1 System Seven Pro Catching Kit

ALL-STAR Pro Custom Colors Adult Catcher Set
2 Ratings

Items: 1-8 of 8
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