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Jugs Sports Machine Balls

Machine Balls are designed specifically for batting machines. Machine Balls are made from plastic and are designed to be the same weight as real baseballs. They will not damage bats or sting your hands. Machine Balls also have a dimpled texture to insure a true flight when pitched from a machine.
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Jugs Sports Dimpled Baseballs
$44.99 / 1/Dozen

Jugs Sports Dimpled Softballs
$49.99 / 1/Dozen

Jugs Sports Lite-Fite Softballs Bucket

Jugs Sports Lite-Flite Softballs
$29.99 / 1/Dozen
1 Rating

Jugs Sports Realistic-Seam Baseballs

Jugs Sports Realistic-Seam Softballs 12


Items: 1-6 of 6
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