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Mizuno Modified Trap Web Gloves

Modified trap gloves are similar to trap-style webs, but have a connection piece along the top for added stability. If you have never had a trap-style glove, but are thinking of trying one, this is the stepping stone.
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All Mizuno Modified Trap Web Gloves
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Mizuno GGE71 Global Elite 12.75 Inch Outfield Glove

Mizuno GGE71VBK Global Elite 12.75 Inch Outfield Glove

Mizuno GMP100BK Pro Limited Edition 12.00in Infield Glove

Mizuno GMP650BK Pro Limited Edition 11.5in Infield Glove

Mizuno GMP700 Pro Limited Edition 12.75in Outfield Glove

Mizuno GMP700BK Pro Limited Edition 12.75in Outfiel Glove


Items: 1-6 of 6
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