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Evoshield has revolutionized sports protection equipment with their specialized wrist guard, elbow guard, chest protector, rib protector, shin guard, and other baseball protection gear. Evoshield's high tech, lightweight material is a fusion of 5 layers of fiberglass resin, that reacts to oxygen. When formed and fully hardened, the armour takes the impact of a ball, hockey puck, or other objects and disperses the energy through its 5 layers, lessening the probability of injury.

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Featured Evoshield Baseball Equipment
Evoshield A150 Wrist Guard
28 Ratings

Evoshield A180A Compression Arm Sleeve
12 Ratings

Evoshield A130 Catcher's Thumb Guard
3 Ratings

Evoshield A120 Batters Elbow Guard

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Evoshield SWAG TECH Training Adult Short Sleeve Shirt

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