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Jugs Sports Super Softball Pitching Machine

Super Softball Pitching Machine
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Product Description:

Jugs Sports Super Softball Pitching Machine

The Jugs Sports Super Softball Pitching Machine deliver fastballs, risers and drops between 20 and 70 mph to let you practice for any situation at the plate. This portable and easy to move and set-up machine also features a swivel-design base providing 360 degree movement to practice fielding with fly balls, pop-ups and grounders.

  • Features a realistic underhand delivery and the patented ''always see the ball'' delivery system
  • Digital readout display allows you to set the exact speed that you desire
  • Throws 11'' or 12'' softballs, pitching machine softballs (JUGS Sting-Free Softballs), JUGS Lite-Flite Softballs, JUGS Softie Softballs, and poly softballs (JUGS Bulldog Softballs) (sold separately)
  • Power Source: one 1/4 horsepower motor / Powered By: 110-volt AC or 1000-watt generator (sold separately)
  • Manufacturer's Five-Year Guarantee

Recommended for players ages 13 and up; generally used by high schools, colleges, and adult players

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