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Jugs Sports The Jugs Gun (R2050)

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Product Description:

Jugs Sports The Jugs Gun (R2050)

SKU: R2050

The Jugs Gun sets the benchmark for radar guns. Guaranteed to have an accuracy index of +/- 0.5 mph, the Jugs Gun features a distance range up to 300 ft, speed range of 5-140 mph and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) state-of-the-art technology that is fully guaranteed for an industry best two years.

  • Two User-Friendly Modes: Trigger Mode records the speed and remains on the gun, Continuous Mode reads the pitch speed and clears itself to be ready for the next pitch
  • Capture readings at the release point and at the plate
  • Ability to view the last five pitches thrown
  • Easily transmit data from the gun to your computer or a display
  • 6 NiMH rechargeable batteries: Provide power for up to a week under normal operation, require only 2 hours to recharge

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