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Easton Black Magic Jr Youth Catcher's Set Reviews

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Customer Reviews for Easton Black Magic Jr Youth Catcher's Set
Review by Anonymous

My 7yr old loves it. He's skinny and just under average height for his age, but it all fits great. I read a review somewhere that said the leg guards strapped on with Velcro, Not True. They strap on with metal hooks and ,unlike the league's he used last season, they don't come undone every couple minutes (I had him run around the house as fast as he could then do some blocking drills and they all stayed secure). The chest protector seemed big at first. I just pushed the adjusting slide through the slits in the y-strap and it fits perfect. No problems with the helmet. Overall: It looks/fits great and has plenty of room to grow into.

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Omg this is a great catchers set! This is the BEST I've had for a really long time. Its CHEAP too.If i were you I would definitely get this catchers set!!!! , ,

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend

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