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Fielding Drill - Flip and Shuffle

  • Grab a partner and stand 15 feet apart
  • One person take a knee and the other get into the fielders position
  • The fielder should have bent knees with glove and top hand out in front close to the ground.
  • Role a baseball to the fielder’s right, the fielder should shuffle to receive the ball in the middle of the body.
  • The fielder will flip the ball back and shuffle to the left as the partner roles another ball to your left.
  • As a Fielder you will be shuffling about 10 to 15 feet.
  • If you work hard and do it right you will be sweating and legs burning. After about 15 to 20 reps switch it up.
  • Keys to this drill are fast pace, solid flips and roles. The fielder is in constant motion in a squatting position at all times. This drill is great for range of motion and stamina as well as maintaining the proper fielding position.
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