About Us

Baseball is one of those sports that people love, and people had developed an affinity for over half of a century of the sport, which is when it began. My grandparents used to take me to baseball games during my youth, and that is when I developed a love for the sport. I played in Little League and attended many games as I grew.

I may work as an SEO and social media specialist, and I love my job. However, baseball is where my heart belongs. That is why I decided to create Baseball Rampage. Baseball Rampage serves as a baseball encyclopedia for newbies and pros. The site includes helpful tips and guidance for beginners and pro ballplayers and brand recommendations for baseball apparatus and equipment. Information on practice plans and drills is on this site too. Check out the categories to learn more about the essential aspects of baseball.

A softball instructor, a youth baseball instructor, and a writer in the sports niche passionate about the game contribute to Baseball Rampage regularly. Check the bios to learn more about the contributors.

Softball Instructor

Hank Young

Hank Young was born in the suburban area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and his family always had an interest in softball and baseball. Hank and his family would often go to games, and Hank would go with his friends to ballgames during his high school years. Hank also played plenty of softball games from 16 and older.

Hank had another interest since his youth was cooking, so he went to a Wisconsin area’s culinary school. However, Hank wanted to be a softball instructor as well as a chef. After Hank graduated from culinary school, he took softball training courses. Hank is both a chef and a softball instructor. He works as a softball instructor on weekends and some evenings, and he is also a frequent contributor to Baseball Warehouse.

Hanks is married with a son and a daughter, and during Hank’s spare time, which he does not have much of, he is a photography hobbyist.

Youth Baseball Instructor

Craig Bentley

Craig Bentley was born in Denver, Colorado, and he always loved sports since he was young. He used to play in the Little League and played hockey and basketball too. He was not the academic type, even though he was always a great writer. After high school, he began working in a warehouse managing inventory. However, after a while, Craig wanted to expand his horizons and go into the sports field.  That is why he went for training to become a youth baseball instructor.

Today, Craig is a youth baseball instructor who works at a local Home Depot managing inventory and is an excellent Baseball Warehouse contributor. He lives in an apartment in downtown Denver with his cat and enjoys playing Black Jack and betting at the horse racetrack.

Baseball Hobbyist, Founder, Chief Editor

Andrew Hahn

Andrew Hahn was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and developed a love for baseball at a young age. His grandparents took him to ballgames as they always cheered for the Marlins. Since then, Andrew has found a special place in his heart for baseball. He also played in Little League but what frustrated him was that he was not the athletic type. However, that did not stop him from loving baseball and playing it with his friends every weekend. Andrew continued with his love for baseball but decided to go into marketing, and he attended the University of Florida and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Sales and Marketing.

Andrew worked as a social media manager and an SEO specialist at an Orlando, Florida, marketing firm. After a few years of working at the firm, Andrew did not want his love for baseball to waste even though he enjoys playing ballgames. That is why he decided to establish Baseball Warehouse, an encyclopedia of baseball. He feels lucky to have three other great contributors who love baseball as much as he does, and they are involved with the sport too. He is married with twin boys and an infant daughter, and Andrew is also into sci-fi.

Writer In The Sports Niche

Paul Elliott

Paul Elliott was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and had a difficult upbringing as his parents divorced when he was in kindergarten. His mother always worked and felt alone and did not have much money, so he thought he missed out on many fun things. However, Paul had a kind neighbor who befriended him and took him to many sporting events. Paul felt that he was able to enjoy some respite from that. Unfortunately, during high school, Paul struggled with depression, anxiety, and addictions, and he ended up dropping out. He worked at burger joints for a few years until he decided to obtain his GED.

Paul had the desire after that point to clean up his life and get better. That is when he decided to become a writer and took freelance writing courses. Paul is a successful writer in the sports niche today and is a proud contributor to Baseball Warehouse. He also supplements his income by working at a local greenhouse since Paul also enjoys gardening. Paul lives in a studio apartment in downtown Memphis, and every morning he enjoys listening to jazz music as he sips his coffee as that gives him the calm he needs before starting his day. He also loves to cook, enjoys apartment gardening, and wants to adopt a puppy soon.