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No doubt, the baseball game is one of the most interesting and unique games. However, some essential requirements must be present for the match Best Baseball Bag And Backpacks In 2021. Scoring in a baseball game has proved to be an essential aspect. Just like a record is kept during a game or sport, so also in baseball. Though the way records are kept may differ. The scorebook, therefore, is a vital piece of a baseball game since it is imperative that records are kept. With a scorebook, you can efficiently and accurately keep a score. During a baseball game, the pitches, moves, and bat are recorded, but it doesn’t end there. A scorebook help confirms the next team to bat, e.t.c. Basically, the scorebook helps to evaluate the statistics of a team and the players. The scorebook comes in handy when in need of evidence of a game in future time.

For this reason, a scorekeeper pays undivided attention during the game. Granted, there are ways to keep a record of a game without using a physical scorebook. However, many recordkeepers enjoy or prefer doing it the manual way. About anybody can own and use a baseball scorebook as long as you have the required basic knowledge. It is especially useful for a team manager or a coach. So whether you are a scorekeeper, a coach, or you enjoy keeping records of your favorite baseball game, then you want to buy a scorebook.

And most importantly, the correct and perfect type. You need to go for a quality Scorebook that will keep your work neat. A Scorebook that comes with durable covers and strong binding is a great choice. So that while you score, you do it conveniently. In addition, most baseball Scorebooks are multifunctional. While you use them for scoring a baseball game, you can also use them for softball games. They perfectly fit in for the two purposes.

The 10 Best Baseball Scorebooks Are Reviewed Below

The baseball scorebook will enable you to keep scores of games. However, you want to ensure that you’re going for the right one. Watch a match and record what you’ve quietly paid attention to, And with the right guide, you’ll get precisely the type you need. If you’re wondering where exactly you can get a perfect scorebook, then ease your worries. Below are some of the best that will provide you with the best experience. However, it will require doing a little work. Settle and take your time to examine the ones below. As you check them out, pay attention to those that suit your needs and get better at recordkeeping. They come with simple and easy guides and instructions that will assist you in becoming a pro recordkeeper even if you have no prior knowledge.


Rawlings System-17 Scorebook

While you go for a preferred Scorebook, you want to scrutinize it, ensuring it is the perfect choice for you. The Rawlings System-17 method baseball/softball scorebook provides a plain and uncomplicated scoring system. There are 24 games in all, with nine innings space per game, 17 players, and two substitutes per player. The adaptable, simple-to-learn method can be used in nearly any league and at any level of competition. It comes with a spiral binding design. The Rawlings scorebook makes it easier for you to keep detailed records of each game.

Key Features:

  • Versatile
  • 24 games
  • Adaptable
  • Spiral binding design


  • Brand: Rawlings
  • Model: B000LH7UC8
  • Simple to learn
  • 9 innings space, 17 players, and two substitutes for each player
  • Suitable for any level of competition
  • Easy record-keeping
  • None


Franklin Baseball and softball Scorebook

The Franklin scorebook is also one of the best. It comes with clear and straightforward lineup sheets that guide you when keeping track of lineups, scores, stats, and more for up to 25 games. It is also designed with an easy layout. All the sheets come with a simple layout that makes scoring a snap. The instructions are no exception. The scorebook comes with a simple and understandable set of instructions. The instructions will guide you and help you know how scoring games is done. The sheets contain 16 spaces for keeping track of the bench as well as extra hitters. It comes with a back cover team roster page. With the roster page, you can keep track of all players.

Key Features:

  • 25 games
  • 16 line up
  • Rooster sheet


  • Brand: Franklin Sports
  • Model: B004ODRY26
  • Easy to use
  • It has a rooster sheet
  • It is understandable
  • It comes with a simple set is instructions to guide you
  • None


BSN Baseball and softball Scorebook

Looking for the perfect Scorebook to keep records of that baseball match? BSN Scorebook is an ideal choice. When you keep records of games, it comes in handy in future times. The BSN Scorebook has been designed to help you easily keep records of either baseball or softball games. This is ideal for fans of both sports. There is enough space in one BSN scorebook to keep track of the results of 26 games. Each of the sheets has enough space to chart 18 batters and nine innings. The BSN scorebook does more than keep track of each game. A club roster, battering average chart, season totals, and more are included. It isn’t the most durable scorebook on the market, but it gets the job done.

Key Features:

  • 26 games
  • 9 innings for each sheet
  • Roster page
  • 18 battings space


  • Brand: BSN
  • Model: Sports Baseball/Softball Scorebook
  • A roster that helps keep track of the players
  • Easy recording
  • It can also be used for softball games
  • Enough space for accurate scoring
  • None


Glover’s Scorebook Baseball/Softball

When searching for a perfect Scorebook, take a look at Glover’s Scorebook. The Glover’s Scorebook has an ample writing space with a set of instructions that is easy to understand. Glover’s has a scorebook that you’re sure to enjoy. It has player statistics, line-up cards, and space for 50 games to be scored. Up to 15 players can be tracked, and all stats are kept secure behind a sturdy polycarbonate shell. While there have been concerns about certain scorebooks giving too few boxes, you won’t have that problem with this one. This scorebook is simple to use, with large scoring boxes and supersize line-up cards.

Key Features:

  • Simple instructions
  • 50 games
  • Extra innings tear our sheet
  • Versatile


  • Brand: Glover’s Scorebook
  • Model: BB101
  • It comes with a set of instructions to guide and help you score accurately
  • Large writing space
  • It comes with line-up cards
  • None


CHAMPRO Baseball softball Scorebook

If you want a scorebook that is well designed and suitable to accurately keep records of games, track a large team and as well allow for substitution, then you may want to see is the CHAMPRO scorebook. CHAMPRO is a perfect choice, especially if the team has a lot of players. It can keep track of up to 18 players. There are also line-up sheets. With this scorebook, you can keep track of 26 different games. The supplied tutorials will also help you improve your scoring skills.

Key Features:

  • 26 games
  • 18 player spaces per sheet
  • Versatile
  • Guide


  • Brand: CHAMPRO
  • Model: A07
  • It comes with instructions to help improve your scoring skills
  • It can track up to 18 players
  • Contains line-up sheets
  • None


Covey Baseball softball Scorebook

Rawlings’ Scoremaster scorebook and 30 Covey Sports Lineup Cards are included in this compact set. There are 12 innings, 11 players, and one sub per player on each scorebook sheet. Each lineup card is 8.5″ x 5.5″ and includes an original and three carbon copies. The larger cards provide plenty of room to fill down your lineups and may accommodate up to 20 players! This is the ideal package for any baseball, slowpitch, or fastpitch coach!

Key Features:

  • 25 games
  • 12 innings
  • Large spaces
  • Multi-purpose


  • Brand: Covey Sports
  • Model: B084TV3PS7
  • Suitable for softball and any level of baseball game
  • Large line-up cards
  • It comes with carbon copies
  • It needs two pages to score opposing teams


Murray Sporting Goods Baseball/Softball Scorebook

The Murray Sporting Goods Baseball and Softball Scorebook is ideal for baseball teams of all levels! The scorebook makes it simple to keep track of all of your numbers for each game during the season. Baseball and softball teams of all ages can use this scorebook. Over the course of nine innings, you get to keep track of all hitting and pitching statistics. It comes with a Spiral-bound notebook and a season summary page that keeps track of the baseball/softball team’s performance. With a 16-player roster, it’s suitable for 35 games. Murray Sporting Goods Scorebook can help you stay organized during any match.

Key Features:

  • 25 games
  • Roster
  • Summary page
  • Statistics space


  • Brand: Murray Sporting Goods
  • Model: B07TTK7ZVZ
  • Simple instructions to guide you
  • The summary page helps you keep track of the team’s performance
  • Suitable to score different levels of games
  • It can be used for softball as well
  • None


Perfect Strike Baseball SCOREBOOK

This 8.5′′ x 11′′ high-quality, heavy-duty PVC banded scorebook is ideal for all your scoring needs. It can also hold 40 scoring records on 20 heavy-duty paper sheets. There are 12 player records and ten Inning columns, which is ideal for 9-inning games. Furthermore, the classic design has larger score boxes and contrasting colors for greater visibility and usability. It will survive the entire season thanks to the heavyweight PVC banding and 67lb superior paper, which won’t leak lines through to the next page.

Key Features:

  • Quality materials
  • Sturdy binding
  • Big spaces


  • Brand: Perfect Strike Scorebooks
  • Model: B07R2PNHXY
  • Simple to use
  • Any writing materials go well with it
  • Made with High-quality materials
  • Large score boxes
  • It contains instructions to help you score accurately
  • None


Cramer Scorebook, C.S. Peterson’s Super 16, Baseball and Softball

This is a baseball scorebook with a detailed description of hitting records and pitching performance. It’s simple to keep track of batting averages and ERAs over time with this book. It assists you in deciding on playing time and distinguishing between your best and worst starters. The 12” x 8.5” sized scorebook has a strong cover and firm wire binding to prevent it from breaking apart or losing pages. Another excellent aspect of this book is that it allows for 12 innings of play. You’ll always have more than enough space to keep track of everything if you don’t go into extra innings.

Key Features:

  • 24 games
  • Compact design
  • 12 innings per sheet


  • Brand: CRAMER
  • Model: 191400
  • Easy to use
  • A summary page that helps Keep track of the performance of the team
  • It can also be used for softball scorekeeping
  • No pitch count space


Super 16 basebook/softball Scorebook

This is yet another excellent baseball Scorebook to choose. The super 16 baseball soft book is also perfect for scoring a softball game. It can accommodate up to 25 games. Each of the Scorebook pages comes with a sample and a guide-like picture that helps you understand how the scoring should be done. It also comes with a team roster that helps you keep track of the players, a season summary for keeping track of the team’s performance, line-up cards, instructions for guide, team schedule as well as an average chart. The super 16 Scorebook is a perfect choice for a coach. However, not only is it perfect for coaches but also parents. So if you’re searching for the best Scorebook to use, Super 16 is one of the best.

Key Features:

  • 25 games for each team
  • Team roster
  • Multifunctional
  • Season summary


  • Model: 191220
  • It is the perfect choice for parents as well as coaches
  • It comes with instructions and examples to help you score accurately
  • The team roster enables you to keep track of the players
  • Line up cards are no exception
  • None

Buying Guide Questions

A baseball scorebook is an important tool in a baseball game. Without a scorebook, it would be impossible to track players on the field, and it would be impossible to determine the winner at the end of a game. An official scorekeeper needs a scorebook to score players on the field and record the details of a baseball game. If you are a parent and you want to record the progress or performance of your child while on the pitch, you need a scorebook to do that. If you have read this article up to this point, you probably have some queries that need to be answered. This article has given answers to some of the queries you may need answers to. So sit back, get a chilled drink, and read through.

What is the best baseball Scorebook?

A Scorebook, otherwise known as a scorecard, is a record-keeping book used for keeping scores or statistical data of a game or sport.

Like other sports, baseball has a record book or sheet for recording the details of a baseball game. The baseball scorebook is used mainly by coaches, team managers, and official scorekeepers to keep an up-to-date record of a baseball game. Without a scorebook, it would be difficult to remember all the needed info at the end of a game. Points may be missed or miscalculated. So it is essential that the team manager and referee have the best baseball scorebook available. Having the best baseball scorebook will make it easier to track every point earned and the details of every player on the pitch.

If you are a parent and would prefer to keep your record of your child’s performance, you will need a personal scorebook for that. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best baseball scorebooks. But the best of all will be the one that can be used by a coach, referee, parent, or any other person. Below are some of the best baseball scorebooks are;

Rawlings System-17 Scorebook

Franklin Sports MLB Baseball/Softball Scorebook

Rawlings Deluxe System-17 Scorebook

Cramer Scorebook (C.S)

where can I buy a baseball Scorebook?

So you have read our review of the best baseball scorebooks available, and you are now wondering where to get your baseball scorebook. Well, getting a baseball scorebook is now easier than before. Old are the days when people have to leave their houses and take a taxi or drive their car down to a physical store to buy a baseball scorebook. But now, everything has been made easier with the presence of online stores. Online stores have made it convenient for individuals to shop or buy whatever they want without leaving their comfort zones. The establishment of online shops with various available items and the convenience of shopping anytime anywhere has attracted many people. Most people now prefer shopping online to shopping in physical stores. In fact, in 2018, the number of empty shops in the UK rose by a figure of 7,500. By the end of the year, about 50,828 closed shops were recorded. – according to Forbes. So if you are searching for where to buy a baseball scorebook, you can get one from a physical store not far from you or buy from an online store. Our below review of some of the best online stores will help you out.


Amazon.com is one of the largest, leading online retailers in the world. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. The e-commerce company sells anything you can think of – from tiny ceramic bowls to a six-foot canon safe. It has a wide variety of products selections with categories such as sports, beauty, home, electronics, music, clothing, and computers. With a customer base of over 197 million people, Amazon.com is the first place to check for a baseball scorebook.


eBay is an international e-commerce website that connects both buyers and sellers around the world. It is a popular platform for online merchants to sell their products. eBay has millions of available items for purchase. With over 180 million users and global listings of more than 1 billion, it is fit as one of the best online shops to search for a baseball scorebook.


Aliexpress is another excellent e-commerce website for buyers. Aliexpress is china based online retail platform where Chinese and foreign sellers offer their products to international buyers. The china based e-commerce company boasts over 111 million available products at a lesser price. With over 150 million buyers, Aliexpress has positioned itself as one of the leading business-to-buyer platforms. It is undoubtedly a great store to check for a baseball scorebook, especially when you need a less expensive baseball scorebook.

what does K stand for in a baseball Scorebook?

Looking through a baseball scorebook, you would observe that it has many abbreviations and a number list of one to nine that helps keep an accurate record of a baseball game. Among those abbreviations are SB (stolen base), HR (home run), AB (at-bat), CS (caught stealing), 2B (double), AVG (batting average), and the famous letter “K.”

And if you have seen baseball leagues often, you must have noticed the letter “K” is used more often than other abbreviations listed in a baseball scorebook. So what does the letter K stands for in a baseball scorebook?

The abbreviation “K” in a baseball scorebook stands for a strikeout. According to the baseball glossary for major leagues, a strikeout is recorded when a batter receives three swinging strikes during his time at-bat. The letter K has become popular than any other abbreviation in a box score. It was created by a baseball reporter named Henry Chadwick. Henry Chadwick was formerly a cricket lover but later fell for baseball after seeing the new game in 1856.

what does AB mean in a baseball?

Another common abbreviation in baseball is “AB.” AB means At-bat. At bat (AB) is the number of times a batter reaches base to bat. It can also calculate a player’s batting average by dividing the total number of hits by at-bats. At bat (AB) is calculated as plate appearances minus walks, sacrifices, and hit by pitches.

What is SH baseball scores?

SH is an abbreviation for “sacrifice hit,” also known as “sacrifice bunt.” A sacrifice bunt happens when a batter successfully advances one or more runners by deliberately bunting the ball for an out. Sacrifice bunts are made mainly by pitchers because most pitchers are bad hitters who would not likely be able to advance a runner. A sacrifice bunt is also possible when runners are on base and less than two outs. Sacrifice bunt does not count as an at-bat and does not affect the on-base percentage calculation.

what does a backward K mean in a baseball?

In baseball, a backward K means a called strikeout. A called strikeout occurs when a batter swings the first and second strike but lets the third go without swinging. It also means a batter failed to swing the bat and is called out on strikes. Scorekeepers use the backward K to track strikeouts where a batter is caught looking.

what does R mean in baseball?

In baseball, R is the abbreviated form of “Run.” A run (R) Is recorded when a player safely advances around first, second, and third base and then safely returns to home base.

When calculating the total runs of a baseball player, the way a player touched base is not a deciding factor. Meaning if the player touches base due to an error or a fielder’s choice, a run will be credited to him in as much as he can score.

what are the players position numbers in baseball?

Going to a baseball game without any clues of the different abbreviations used or recorded could make the game boring and confuse you. It also means you will have to ask someone who knows about the baseball game anytime an abbreviation or slang is used by the game announcers and professionals.

In understanding a baseball match, there are some key things you will have to learn, such as position numbers in baseball. Knowing the position numbers will help you understand the commentator’s remarks during a match.

In baseball, there are nine positions, and each position is assigned to each baseball player in different categories. There are three categories, namely, the infielders, outfielders, and core positions. The rules define the core positions, while the infielders and outfielders can be seen anywhere on the baseball diamond. The core position has two slots, meaning it is available for two players. As for the infielders and outfielders, there is a total of seven open slots for seven players. Each position in baseball has its abbreviation; below is a list of all nine positions with their assigned abbreviations.

1. Pitcher (P)

2. Catcher (C)

3. First Base (1B)

4. Second Base (2B)

5. Third Base (3B)

6. Shortstop (SS)

7. Left Field (LF)

8. Centre Field (CF)

9. Right Field (RF)

The first, second, and third bases are to field within the infield, together with the shortstop. While the left, center and right fields are to field outside.

what is the best baseball scorekeeping App?

The baseball scorebook is an essential tool to keep track of the stats in a baseball game. And that is why lovers of baseball who would like to record their stats in a baseball match go with their copies of a baseball scorebook. But noting the world we live in today, it is no doubt that electronic gadgets have become very popular. Electronics such as smartphones have proved very useful. Apart from browsing the internet, a smartphone makes it possible to carry a large amount of information over a long distance. With a smartphone, you can access your files anytime and anywhere. Electronic devices have also been helpful in baseball games; for example, there are now electronic versions of baseball scorebooks. Moving a bunch of baseball record files from one place to another can be very stressful, especially if you have to do it almost every day. But with a smartphone or other portable electronic devices, you can have your record files with you all the time without any stress. So in case, you find yourself at a baseball game, and you don’t have your scorebook with you. You can easily make use of an electronic version instead of buying a new one. We have reviewed some of the best baseball scorekeeping apps below. Take your time to read through.

1. iScore Baseball/Softball

iScore Baseball/Softball is a baseball scorebook for advanced users. If you want an App that is more than a scorebook, you should check out this application.

In iScore Baseball/Softball, you can create and manage all teams, pair multiple devices, change the score and action of players, monitor auto-generated stats, and more.

With iScore Baseball/Softball, you can track the feed rate and different movements on the playing field. Another feature of the App is that the results of each game are saved to a separate result sheet.

iScore Baseball/Softball is available for both Android and iPhone users.

2. ScoreFinger Scorekeeper

ScoreFinger Scorekeeper is another excellent App for keeping records of baseball/softball games. With this App, you can easily track records of everything that happens in a game and even share them with your friends or assistant.

ScoreFinger Scorekeeper is an app for Android users.

3. PenScore: Baseball Scorecard/Scorekeeping

PenScore is a scorekeeping app for iPhone users. It has a simple interface and requires minimal setup. You can mark a player’s movement by simply making a mark on the chart.

With PenScore, you don’t need to set up an individual player profile or team profile. Just go to the interactive board or table and input all necessary details.

PenScore scorekeeping app is easy to use and can be used by anybody that can fill out a piece of paper.

How do you score Balk in baseball?

When a pitcher makes a deceitful motion on the mound, an umpire sees the action as an illegal pitching delivery and gives a balk.


Whether you enjoy scoring baseball games or you’re a coach who wants to keep track of the player’s performances then you have probably thought of going for a baseball Scorebook. However, while there are many Scorebooks that may be below your expectations or needs, there are also the perfect ones that help you score accurately and perfectly. This article has included some of the best you can choose from. It has also answered queries that might baffle you regarding baseball.

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