How much does a baseball weigh?


If you are familiar with sports and sporting activities, you will agree that a ball is a significant part of most games. Most of the popular sports make use of the ball. These sports include; football, basketball, and even baseball. Leagues use year after year, thousands and millions of baseball in training and matches. It is also used by the lower companies and even as gifts.

One of the frequently asked queries on baseball is, “how much does a baseball weigh?”. Almost everyone who has played baseball has that information to ask. You need to know that the baseball we see today was not the same as before. It was pretty different from the one used in the post years. That is to means that baseball has evolved over the years in color, size, and form.

Before we proceed, let us have a look at the history of sports.

With the high level of advancements, the ball used in most sports has gone through series of changes that finally landed them to the acceptable form they are today. Baseball is one of them.

The evolution of baseball went in line with improvements made in the sport. Science has helped to facilitate to a great extent the transitions that took place in baseball. The stitching and designing of a baseball were all achieved from science.

Whether as a beginner or professional in baseball, a good knowledge of the evolution of the current baseball will not just keep you informed but help you to appreciate the game better.

Evolutions in baseball

  • The dead-ball era

During this time, baseballs were manufactured by pitchers. There was not much thought on the nature, size, or color of the ball used. The baseballs used by players were of inconsistent size, design, and weight, but it was accepted anyway.

It was not until 1876 that there was a change in this aspect. The national league was established in 1876, and this led to the production of baseballs with cores of rubber. Designed by a pitcher named A.G Spalding, this type of baseball became the official baseball used in significant leagues for up to a whole century.

  • The live ball Era

The the live-ball era was a critical time in the history of baseball. In 1920, spitballing was no longer in use, and a new system was introduced. This system involved the replacement of dirty,

worn-out balls during play. Also, the use of wool to manufacture the yarn began. The use of Australian wool in making the yarn made baseball better as batters could increase home runs. In the year 1934, the manufacturing of the baseball used by batters was made better. The National leagues standardized the measurement of a baseball to be 3 1/8 ounces with a circumference of 7 3/4. With the introduction of this baseball, you find out that the core came with a cushion, including rubber of different colors, namely red and black. It also came with yarn, 71 yards of wool; the outer part had tanned horsehide. However, this horsehide weighed 1/3 of the ounce and was 5/100 in thickness. Check out What is a baseball made of

  • The world war 11 cork balls

World war 11 brought lots of changes not just in the world but also in the history of baseball. It led to the scarcity of rubber formally used in the production of baseball in the US. The rubber found was put into producing arms and ammunition so there won’t be scarcity. What did this do? It made rubbers non-available for the production of baseballs. However, baseball has to be played. Granulated corks made from a substance called balata were used instead. It came with two shells at its center and was accepted for use during World War 11. It went on until 1944 when rubber was barely available; the United States began manufacturing with rubber again.

  • Modern era baseball

There were not many changes after world war 11 took place. MLB baseballs came with black rubber, made of cork and rubber. In 1970, there was a change in the exterior part of the baseball; horsehide was used in place of cowhide. This type of baseball has been in use for an extended period in playing baseball matches. Check out How long are baseball games

How much does a baseball weigh?

Now, back to the topic of how much a baseball weighs. The modern era baseball in use now weighs 5 1/2 ounces. When converted to the gram, it weighs 143g to 149g. This measurement was made by Major league baseball, and the manufacturing of baseballs became one that came with regulations on the size, diameter, and nature. This particular ball is being used by the whole players in a baseball team. Check out how many players are on a baseball team


The evolutions in the nature and type of baseball used are numerous. Also, you find out that the baseball we see today was not this way many years ago. From world war 11, changes have been made, and better forms of baseballs that helped batters increase performance are currently in use. With a weight of 5 1/2 ounces, the baseball is ideal for every batter.