How to Choose a Baseball Glove


The history of baseball gloves is as old as the game itself. A baseball glove is a big leather glove worn by the defending team; this glove helps the defensive players catch and field balls thrown by a team member or hit by a batter.

The hand orientation of a baseball glove depends on the handedness of the wearer, not the hand on which the glove is worn. A glove that’s worn on the left hand of a right-handed person is called Right Handed [RH], while a glove that’s worn on the right hand of a left-handed person is called Left-Handed [LH].

Brief History of Baseball Glove

During the early days of baseball, the game is played without gloves. As time goes on, the idea of wearing gloves came into existence, and some players started using gloves. At that time, a player who isn’t using a glove when playing is called a barehanded catcher; this doesn’t necessarily mean the person is playing a catcher’s position; it just implies that the player is catching the ball barehanded without a glove.

In those days, gloves don’t need good webbing, and they aren’t well suited for catching balls; instead, they are used more in swatting a ball from the ground. Because the gloves are mostly simple leather gloves with the fingertips open, probably to allow for the same bare hand control but with extra padding to protect the players’ hand and make them comfortable. History had it that a first baseman, Albert Spalding influenced infielders to use gloves when playing baseball. He later founded a sporting goods company, Spalding, which also helps spread the use of glove in playing baseball.

The idea of placing a web between the first finger and the thumb was created by a pitcher, Bill Doak, in 1920. Bill patented this design and sold it to Rawlings, which leads to Rawlings becoming the preferred brand to buy modern gloves.

Baseball gloves continue to evolve, and different designs are brought in day by day till each baseball player position have its peculiar webbing and pocket.

There are hundreds of companies producing different types of baseball gloves, which makes it a bit overwhelming to choose the right one. If you are a beginner in baseball and find it hard to choose a glove that will fit you, worry no more, as this article got you covered.

Below, we shall guide you on choosing the perfect baseball glove for yourself or your child. Please grab a hot cup of coffee as you go through the short guide.

How to choose a Baseball glove

Buying a baseball glove for the first time is interesting; you will be filled with joy and happiness that you will start playing the intriguing game of baseball, but do you know that getting the wrong glove can alter your success in the game? Yes, that’s why we provided you with a few factors to consider when buying a baseball glove.


The first thing to consider when buying a baseball glove is your budget and how long you intended to use it. If you are a beginner that’s just starting, it is better to go for a cheap glove that breaks in easily. However, if you have some experience and plan to use the glove for a long time, you can go for a reasonably expensive glove made from real leather that breaks in quickly and has the right webbing.

Your Handedness

Another thing to consider when buying a glove is whether you are a righty or a lefty. Know that if you are a right-hand thrower, you will need a glove that will be worn on the left hand. While if you are a left-hand thrower, you will need a glove that is worn on the right hand. In a nutshell, whichever hands you use to throw is not the hand you will wear your glove.

Your position

Another important thing to note when choosing a baseball glove is the position you are playing for, as your position determines the kind of glove you will wear. If you are a catcher, consider using a fingerless glove with heavy padding to reduce the sting from catching throws. Pitchers usually prefer gloves with a compact web design to conceal the ball, infielders, on the other hand, use gloves with shallow pockets for quick transfer while basemen use long wide gloves.


The factors mentioned above are the most important factors to consider when choosing a baseball glove; other factors to consider include, size of the glove, the web design and the material the glove is made. Above all, choose a glove that fits you and makes you comfortable while playing the game.

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