What does designated for assignment DFA mean in baseball?


In every sport, rules are governing them. Baseball, as a sport, has its own rules and regulations guiding the game. These rules were put in place for players and officials to know what is to be done and what not to do in the game. These rules apply to every part of the game, from the equipment used in playing the game to how scores are counted. These rules help give the game a unified front and allow for a better understanding of the game. Most of the rules were created a long time ago and were later fine-tuned to fit into the modern-day context of the game. Having rules is a beautiful thing, as it helps solves a lot of knotted situations without much stress.

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There are certain terms and terminologies pertaining to different sports, likewise baseball. one of those terms in baseball includes the DFA. The DFA has only one meaning in baseball, which is designated for assignment. Knowing how to keep a score or a scorebook is not the only practice you need to know in baseball. There are certain terminologies you have to master and command before it can be said that you have the full knowledge of baseball. There are so many terminologies used in baseball, with each having different meanings. Terminologies such as balk, battery, bunt, count, cleanup, diamond, error flyball, and groundball, and a full count are common to baseball, and each has its meaning. However, out of all these terminologies, most people don’t understand the DFA; although, unlike the rest, it is not a term used during play, which is why it is not very popular amongst baseball enthusiasts. However, the full meaning of DFA in baseball will be explained to you as you continue reading.

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DFA in Baseball

DFA In baseball stands for designated for assignment; this term is used when a player’s contract is designated for assignment. Once this occurs, the player is removed from the roster at once. When you hear the term DFA, some other terminologies accompany it; all these will be explained for better understanding.

  1. What is DFA in Baseball?: The term DFA as said earlier stands for designated for assignment; this term is used when the player’s contract to his club is designated for assignment. Once this occurs, the player is immediately removed from the forty-man roster of his club; within a week or ten days of this agreement, the player can be placed on irrevocable outright waivers or traded. To better understand this term, one needs to be familiar with the term waiver in baseball.
  2. What is a waiver?: A waiver is a form of permission granted to other teams in baseball, which allows them to proceed with a player move that will not be allowed normally by the rules of the game.

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  1. Place player on waiver: After placing a player on DFA, the player can be claimed off waiver by another club. Once this club claims the player, he immediately joins their 40 man roster. At this point, the player can be sent to one of the clubs in the minor league. However, if the player can clear all waivers, he can be sent to the minor leagues or be released. If a player has played for about 3 to 5 years in the major league, the player must give his consent before being assigned to minor leagues. But in some cases, players withhold their consent. In this case, the club can either release the player or keep him on the roster of the major league. In both cases, the player will continue getting his pay under the terms of his agreement with the club.
  2. Trade the player: once a player is placed on DFA, the player may be traded. Some major team has been known to put their players on designated for assignment to increase the interest on such players, especially among teams not at the top of the waiver list. According to the waiver rule, other teams would have preferences in claiming a player. Also, under the five and ten rule, if a player has ten years experience in the major league, he cannot be traded without his consent.
  3. Release the player: If a player clears his waivers and is not traded, the players can be released from the team. Once the player is released, he becomes a free agent and can sign a new deal with any of the 30 major league teams with his present team inclusive.

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The designated for assignment is a terminology used for players that have been dropped from his team roster. Once a player is placed on DFA, the team releases the player or trades the player to another team in the major league. If it is a player with less than three years of experience in the major league, the player can be sent to one of the clubs in the minor league. However, in the case of a player with more than 5 or 10 years of experience in major league baseball, he cannot be traded or sent to the minor league without his consent. And if the player refuses to drop his consent, he is released and becomes a free agent and can end up still signing another contractual agreement with the team that just released him.