How is softball Different from Baseball?


Many use to wonder if there is any difference between the two games, while others think the difference is that softball is played with a “soft” ball while baseball is played with a hardball. To others, the difference between the two games is that men mainly play baseball while softball is played primarily by females and children. Well, that is a difference, but it isn’t the only one. Funny! There are many differences between the two games, but fishing out the differences is not easy, especially if you have not played any of the games, watched them being played or read about them. But as thought by many, the differences between the two games aren’t much as both games have the same essentials. Before we look at the differences, let’s define each game

What is baseball

A baseball is an outdoor bat and ball game played between two teams of nine members who take turns in batting and fielding. The game is played on a diamond-shaped field that has four bases. Baseball is a warm-weather sport mainly played in the US and Canada.

The equipment used in playing baseball include; the ball, the baseball gloves, the baseball bats, the baseball helmets, the baseball caps, the sliding shorts, the cleats, the uniform and the mitts.

What is a Softball?

Softball can be defined as an indoor form of softball played by a team of ten players on a smaller diamond field with a larger and harder ball. Softball can be regarded as a direct descendant of baseball that started as an indoor version of the ball but has since evolved into the outdoor version. Unlike baseball, softball is mainly played by females and children.

Below, we shall take a look at a few differences between softball and baseball. Please grab a cup of tea as you go through the difference between the two sisters.

Differences between Softball and Baseball

The Balls

This has to top our list, as that’s the main difference between the two. The kind of bl used in playing softball is different from that used in playing baseball.

Having a circumference of about 9 inches, baseballs are white with white stitches. Softball, however, is much bigger with a circumference of about 12 inches, coloured Yellow with red stitches and are much softer than baseball.

However, young softball players are usually provided with a less large ball so that they can be able to handle it easily.

The bat

Another difference between the two is the kind of bats used in playing each game. Baseball bats are usually heavy, having a large diameter and a more extended height than softball bats that are less heavier with a small diameter and length. Also, in professional baseball, only wooden bats can be used, while aluminium, metal, and various kinds of composite bats can be used to play professional softball and amateur baseball.

The Field

One of the most known and most noticed differences between softball and baseball games is the diamond field used in playing each. Despite having the same diamond shape, the fields aren’t of the size. Generally, softball is played on a much smaller field than baseball, though the size of the field can be determined by the age of the players. In softball fields, the distance between the home plate and the fielder’s fence is about 250 yards, while baseball is about 300 yards. Another difference between the two fields is the distance between the two bases, mostly the distance between softball bases is 60 feet while that of baseball is 90 feet.

The pitching

Another major difference between softball and baseball is the pitching. In softball, the pitching is always done by throwing the ball underhand, while in baseball, the pitching is done by throwing the ball sidearm or overhand. This is because overhand and sidearm pitching enables a pager to throw a lot more speed and energy.

The pitching distance of softball is much smaller than that of baseball; this is due to the smaller size of the field used in playing softball. In softball, a ball is pitched from a flat circle of about 43 feet away from the home plate, while in baseball, the ball is thrown from a mound of about 60 feet away from the plate.


The above mentioned are the main differences between softball and baseball, other differences include the gender that mostly played each game, whereby females and children mainly play softball. In contrast, baseball is principally played by men. the number of players, the positions played, the type of glove used and the salary paid to professional players of each game, and the uniform wore by players of each game.

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