What is a Po in Baseball


Baseball is a game played by two teams, each consisting of nine players. The two teams take turns in baserunning and batting and fielding and pitching, referred to as Defense and Offense, respectively. In baseball, the fielding team tries to stop runs by getting batters out, which removes them from the field. Baseball is an intriguing sport that both males and females can play. However, the game is played mainly by men while females mostly play Softball, a game that originated from the United States.

Like all sports, baseball has its statistics, but as a number game, baseball statistics stand out from others in many ways that there’s a course dedicated to studying it, which is called sabermetrics or SaBRmetrics

Statistics has a crucial role in baseball as it helps in evaluating the progress of a team. Many see keeping baseball statistics difficult, which is very wrong because baseball deals with players acting individually, not together. There are many natural breaks in it; thus, keeping its stats won’t be difficult.

As earlier said, baseball Is a game of many statistics, these statistics are usually written as abbreviations, when watching the game, it seems to be boring if you don’t understand all these stats, but if you know at least some if not all, it makes watching the game enjoyable and intriguing. Today we will focus on a “Put Out”, which is a stat that is abbreviated as “PO”, but before we discuss it, let’s mention a few baseball abbreviated statistics and the broad meaning.

Batting average abbreviated BA, which is the percentage a baseball player get per hit at a bat

Slugging Percentage abbreviated SP is a gauge of the power of a hitter. It is determined by the number of bases gained.

Runs Batted in abbreviated RBI is the number of runs a player batted in

Save, abbreviated as SV, if a pitching team started leading at the beginning of a game and kept the lead until the end, the team will earn a Save.

Wins and Losses abbreviated W-L; this is a way of grading pitchers. It occurs when a team take the lead while a pitcher is pitching.

Earned Run average abbreviated ERA, this is the total number of runs scored by a pitcher for every nine innings pitched. It is one of the best ways to know whether a pitcher is performing well or not.

Triple Crown abbreviated TC, this is when a player leads a team during the batting average, the home runs and the RBIs

Now let’s go to our topic of discussion; put out “PO.”

What is a “PO” in baseball

A “PO” in baseball can stand for two things, either pitcher only or Put out. In this context, PO stands for put out, which is one of the statistics in baseball.

A put out is when a player (a fielder) is accredited to get the offensive side’s runner out or batter. A defensive player earns a put out when he records an out through one of the following ways:

Being Close to a Runner During interference

Interference is when the batting team is charged for obstructing a fielder or succession of a player by the umpire. Any fielder standing beside a baserunner who is accused of interfering or obstructing will also earn a putout credit.

When a player tags a base for a forceout

Force out is when a batted ball is caught by a fielder and then tagged on a base. The fielder that tagged the ground ball will be credited with a putout.

When a player tags a runner for a Tagout

Tagout is very synonymous to force out; the difference between the two is that in force out, a batted ball is tag while in tag out, the fielder tagged a runner to signify the out. Here also, the fielder that performs this earns a putout.

When a player tags a base on an appeal play

An appeal play means a situation in which the defensive side calls the attention of the umpire overrule violation. When a player catches the ball and tags the base on an appealing player, a put out is accredited to the player.

When a player pitches the third strikeout

Strikeout refers to a situation in which a batter misses the pitch on the final strike. A put out is accredited to a pitcher who threw the ball that misses that batters bat.

When a player catches a flyout

When a batter hits a ball in a way that it makes an airborne, it is called a flyball, and when a defensive player catches the ball before it hits the ground, this is referred to as flyout. The player who catches the ball is accredited with a putout.


Put out is one of the statistics of a baseball, a player can earn a put out by recording an out through one of the six ways mentioned above, which are: when a player tag a base for a forceout, when a player tag a runner for a tag out, when a player tag a base on an appeal play, when a player pitch the third strikeout or catch a flyout.