How Long Before A Baseball Game Is Cancelled Due To Rain


Baseball, the popular game played by 2 teams with usually 9 persons making a team is played on a field using a ball, a bat and gloves. The most important part of the baseball game lies between the pitcher and a batter. When a pitcher pitches towards the starting base (home plate) by striking the ball, the pitcher will throw the ball in such a manner that the batter can reach it and hit it. When a pitcher throws the ball over the starting base(home plate) and between the chest and knee of the hitter, the pitch is regarded as a “strike” except the batter can hit the ball. Even if a batter misses the ball as long as the batter swings the bat no matter where it is the pitch is considered a strike. So, a batter needs to be composed and prepared to have a good swing using the bat. A strikeout is a way to make an “out” and this can be attained after 3 strikes. A pitch that a batter doesn’t swing at is called a ‘ball’ rather than a strike. Once a pitcher strikes the fourth ball the batter gets to the first base so a pitcher must do well when it comes to pitching. In every pitcher’s team is a catcher. The catcher stays at the back of the batter. Any ball that the batter is unable to reach, he catches. The catcher gives the pitcher suggestions where to throw the ball by signalling using head gestures. If the pitcher agrees with the suggestion he shows his approval by nodding to mean ‘yes’ but, if the pitcher disagrees with the notion he shows his disagreement by shaking his head to mean ‘no’. The baseball field contains 4 bases. These bases all together, form the shape of a diamond that flattens around the field from the home plate(starting base) to the right side. The starting base is a pentagon pattern that has 5 sides. The introductory base(first base) is outlined on the right side of the field, the second is situated at the top of the infield, the base that’s positioned on the left side is the third base and finally, the starting base (home plate) is situated at the back of the field. At the beginning of the game, the home team will do the pitching and the visiting team’s players will do the batting. In each innings, out of 9 innings a professional baseball has, one of the teams has to do the batting and must try to score. The scores are named as ‘run’. The team doing the batting changes to the defence team and the defence team changes to the batting team in each innings until all 9 innings are conducted. Then the team with the highest runs will emerge winner but, in a case, where both teams have the same runs, they will play more innings until a team achieves more scores.

How Long Before A Baseball Game Is Cancelled Due To Rain

Rain delay or rainout are some of the terms used in a baseball game to refer to the suspending or cancelling of a game due to weather conditions. To play baseball, the weather must be clear and good. Playing in wet conditions will be dangerous to the players and playing with not be easy. A delay in a baseball game is made either before the game commences or in the middle of the game. There is no set or a specific time for suspending or delaying games or waiting for the rain. After all the safety of the players is important. So once the weather is clear the game can be resumed. Baseball games have no time limit especially when weather conditions aren’t favourable it could take long before a game comes to an end because of delays. In each baseball game is someone who has the power to put a pause to the game due to weather conditions. If the rain starts just before the commencement of the game, the game will be cancelled to be played later in the day if the weather permits if not it could be postponed for another suitable day. If the rain happens to begin in the middle of the game, the game will be suspended or delayed till clear condition. If then the rain comes during the end of the season and probably doesn’t possess a bearing on the championship, the game can be removed from the schedule.


The baseball game is one of the many games that can be delayed due to weather conditions. Safety is important. Therefore, when the weather has even slight changes that can affect the players, the game will either be delayed, cancelled or postponed for a better day with a permitting condition. Sometimes the game can even be removed from the agenda depending on the type of game.

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