How to Oil a Baseball Glove


A perfect baseball glove designed to have the optimum player experience while still lasting a long time. They must also be well-maintained to do well. However, it is unlikely to be able to care for a baseball glove for several years. As a result, the glove sits in the storeroom for years.

But it’s not a big deal if a baseball glove gets ignored for years without being cared for. No matter how rusty the gloves are, you can bring them back to life with a few simple moves. Today you will learn the simple steps for oiling an old baseball glove, conditioning it, and reviving it like new. Also, you will know about the warnings that you shouldn’t do with a baseball glove.

Here are steps to take to oil your baseball gloves

Choose the Right Oil & Cleaner for Your Glove

Most people believe that just about any oil, oil cleaner, or conditioner would serve for gloves. But that is not the case. Baseballs gloves are made of rubber in 99.98 per cent of cases. If you want random inexpensive baseball oil or cleaner, there is a reasonable chance that such items are exclusively for non-leather gear. They will do damage to your gloves. It is available at the local supermarket.

Instead, to keep your glove from harm’s way, use the proper oil cleaner, baseball oil, or conditioner. Check the label if you buy one from a local retailer. If the product is for non-leather gloves, it may have a caution mark that says “Non-leather.” So make sure you get the appropriate one.

You have to have the baseball glove Unlaced.

To restore a baseball glove, at first, you need to unlace it. In two ways, you can unlace a baseball glove.

  • Unlace it by hand carefully
  • Cutting them with scissors and buying new laces

We prefer the second method for old gloves. And if your gloves are more than 5 years old, it is unlikely that you will be able to use the lace on a new baseball glove.

Ensure the leather cleaner on it is used.

After unlacing the glove, it must be cleaned in preparation for restoration. Since it is leather, it cannot be washed with water. Water is the most dangerous thing for leather, regardless of whether it is a glove, a mitt, or something else. Cleaning a baseball glove would necessitate the use of two products.

  • Leather cleaner
  • Sponge or a little piece of soft cloth

Then, using a sponge or cloth, apply a small amount of leather cleaner to the glove. Wipe every aspect of the glove, from the heels to the web, to ensure it is spotless. Using just a tiny amount of cleaner. Using a small amount has little effect on your glove, but using a large amount does.

Ensure the glove is dried off

You’ve just washed your glove. Dry off the glove with a clean sponge or cloth. Re-wipe the glove to ensure that no oil remains on it. Allow the glove to dry for 12 hours in an open area after cleaning. Check that it gets enough air and light. (Not in direct sunlight)

Have your oil applied to the glove

The majority of people make the mistake of directly spraying the oils to smooth the glove. However, they would discover that their gloves have darkened due to the horrible mistake later in the day. It would be preferable if you prevented it. A piece of fabric is the perfect way to oil a stiff old glove.

Apply a small amount of oil to a rag and smooth it over the glove. Please do not apply too much oil to it. You will get the ideal application number on the manufacturer’s package. You should apply it till every of the oils that used for the baseball glove are faintly visible.

Have it dried off one more time

It’s now time to re-dry it. Your glove’s game success will be determined by your patience, which you will expend by carefully drying the glove. After using oil to restore a baseball glove, allow it to dry for one whole day and night.

Make use of some conditioner.

This is the phase where you just finished restoring a baseball glove. Now it’s time to ensure that those gloves can continue to work admirably for a long time. It would be best if you used conditioner on the glove to care for it and smooth it. The bulk of experts tend to do it through clothes. However, you should use your hand. Apply conditioner to the entire glove once more, from heel to pocket. If you want to get the most out of your glove, you can condition it at least once a season, whether it’s new or old.


Relacing is the final step of the restoring process. 3 tools you will need to replace a baseball glove.

  • Laces, six will be enough
  • Knife
  • Straight lace grooved needle

It’s okay if you don’t know how to relace a baseball glove. In this case, you can hire a specialist replacement service.

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