How to Play Fantasy Baseball


Many baseball enthusiasts may be wondering what exactly fantasy baseball is and how to play it. Fantasy baseball came into view in the late ’90s. In 1970, fantasy baseball was known and played by many batters. During that period, adding up all weekly and monthly stats was not an easy job, as you have to calculate it manually. It was because computers and other digital gadgets were still trying to gain ground.

It was not until the late ’90s, when different types and designs of computers came into use, that fantasy baseball became more popular. Now, there are many categories, and you can choose different styles and formats. The internet has in many ways broadened fantasy baseball, as it now comes with different rules and systems.

If you are new to baseball, this is an opportunity to get to know more about fantasy baseball. You can check out How to throw a baseball

Or perhaps, you have played it once or twice. Let us look into the basics and other tricks involved in fantasy baseball you have not tried out.

Every game has rules and principles, and fantasy baseball is one of them. This principle should be your driving force.

For fantasy baseball to come out fine, you have to form your team, test each other’s abilities and with constant plays, you gain ground and add up points for your team. It is necessary to foresee potential players that will be of great help to your team. It may not just help your team but earn you more points or some dollars.

Fantasy baseball comes in different versions, and the most common and recently played version of fantasy baseball is Rotisserie. The team comprises capable players with lots of experience. They are grouped into various categories according to their strengths and examined. Whoever emerges with the highest number of points becomes the winner.

Versions of fantasy baseball

  • Daily

In this version of fantasy baseball, you get to select players from the whole lot involved in the play that day. After the game is over, you calculate your points and decide on a winner. If you are looking for ways to spend less and conserve time, daily fantasy baseball is the best choice to go for.

  • Round-robin

Just as the name implies, it is. It goes on throughout the year. This version of fantasy baseball keeps you playing for months while recording your wins and your losses. At the end of the year, you check the total number of wins and losses made from each team. The team with the best lose or win the winner.

  • Head-to-head

A team can be put up against another team and plays for a whole week. It is known as Head-to-head. At the end of the week, you calculate your team’s points and determine the winner. Now, you don’t calculate your wins using the standard Rotisserie style rules, and instead, you get just one win for the week.

  • A single elimination

In this version of fantasy baseball, we played like a tournament. Several baseball teams, about five or more in number, come together and organize an elimination tournament. This way, your team is eliminated from the tournament the moment you lose a game. While this is the case, your team also gets to qualify for the next match when it wins a game. There is no room for a second chance if your team does not do well. This cycle goes on till a team emerges as the winner. Check out (How long are baseball games)

Rotisserie categories

  • Runs

In this category, the goal for baseball runs is 86 runs for each player for leagues made up of 14 players, or about 1,200 runs in a team made up of 12 players.

  • Batting Average

The batting average is the average score made by each team at the end of the season. How do you calculate your team’s batting average?

You calculate the batting Average of your team when you add the total hits for the season and divide by the at-bats their starting hitter made. This way, you get the batting average of your team for the season. If your team is lucky enough to get the highest batting Average after calculations, then you stand a chance of coming first in your league.

  • Home runs

For your team to top their game, you should have over 375 home runs for the season. With this number of home runs, you get to rank in the top three in this category. Note that when broken down, each batter needs to have about 27 home runs to achieve this.


The zeal to continue playing any games or sport comes with the number of wins made with each play. Also, for a league to win a match, it must have mastered the skills involved and how the game works. A fantasy baseball Roto league comprises about 12 players with about 30 rounds of play.