How to Hit a Baseball

Introduction Hitting a baseball is not an easy task. Whether it’s been pitched by a batting machine that throws the ball in the same manner or by a pitcher who’s throw can’t be determined. You may have noticed in some games that most hitters don’t hit a baseball the same way. This is because the … Read more

How Do You Wash A Baseball Cap

Introduction Baseball is a game that many people worldwide enjoy, and like every sport, there are gears needed. Having complete equipment is always something necessary for every athlete because each kit has its use. In this article, we are going to be focusing on the baseball cap. Using a baseball cap over time will make … Read more

How to Wear a Baseball Cap

Key Points Honestly, only a Few pieces in menswear can divide advocates and critics alike; however, the baseball cap is one of them. This athletic classic has had legions of admirers since it first appeared on the heads of the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860, garnering acclaim for both its practicality and good looks. Meanwhile, menswear … Read more

How to Throw a Baseball

Introduction Baseball is an exciting sport that requires a high skill level. When learning to play, the first most important step is learning to throw the ball. Throwing a baseball may seem so easy; it’s just throwing a ball, right? Wrong. Throwing a baseball requires a lot of mechanics, accuracy, strength and skill. In this … Read more

What Did Baseball Legend Babe Ruth Keep On His Head, Under His Baseball Cap?

Who is Babe Ruth? George Herman Ruth Jr. popularly called “Babe Ruth”, was a professional American baseball player. He remains the greatest baseball player of all time, mainly because of his home run hits between 1919 and 1935. He remains a legend in the game till today and still recognised for his prowess and flawlessness … Read more

How to clean a Baseball Cap

Overview A baseball cap is one of the uniforms worn by players during the game. A baseball cap is a rounded cap with a rigid bill facing forward. The idea of the rigid bill facing forward is to protect players against the sun. As part of the traditional uniform worn by baseball players, this cap … Read more