How Much Do Baseball Players Make

What Is The Salary Of MLB players?

We are all aware that minor leaguers are underpaid, but the precise amount they get will astound you. According to The Athletic, the typical AAA baseball player earned around $15,000 in 2018. The average salary for a single-A baseball player is $6,000, while the average salary for a double-A baseball player is $9,350. As previously stated, there is a proposal to raise the minimum wage for Rookies and Short-season level players.

For example, the Rookie’s weekly minimum wage will be increased from $290 to $400. The minimum weekly salary for single-A players will increase from $290 to $500. After Triple-A players, Double-A players earned the highest, with their minimum weekly wage rising from $350 to $600. As you may know, Triple-A players are at the top of the salary scale, with weekly wages ranging from $502 to $700.

What Is The Minor League Pay At Different Levels?

  • Rookie & Short-Season: $400 minimum weekly pay
  • Single-A: $500 minimum weekly pay
  • Double-A: $600 minimum weekly pay
  • Triple-A: $700 minimum weekly pay

That may appear to be fair pay to you. However, it’s not! Let’s run some numbers. If a rookie makes $400 each week, he will earn $1,600 per month. So, if the season only lasted 5 months, he will only make $8,000 in a year. They will have to pay for offseason training and practice because the teams they have signed with do not cover it financially. That is why, in addition to professional baseball, they usually have another side hustle.

When we said that these athletes make less than a high school janitor, we weren’t joking. It may appear strange to you, yet it is the essential reality! For the record, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, janitors in educational institutions earn no less than $28,000 a year. Even if he is paid for the entire year of a Minor League season, a Minor Leaguer will clearly not make as much as a janitor. They labor, train, and practice for at least 12 hours a day and are still not compensated for spring training. It’s completely absurd!

What Is The Average MLB Salary?

Major League Baseball players make hundreds of millions of dollars for their efforts on the field, as well as large sponsorships and Major League contracts. We’re not talking about big-money (free agency) players who are brought in to play on the first day of the regular season.

The average salaries of the best MLB players are what we’re about to analyze. These players earn significantly more than Minor Leaguers. A Major League Baseball player’s annual pay is about $4 million. The minimum salary for MLB players was raised from $555,000 to $570,500 per year in November of 2020.

What Is The Lowest Salary In The MLB?

Major League Baseball’s minimum pay agreement with players in 2017 was $535,000, later upped to $545,000 in 2018 and $555,000 in 2019. The good news is that these players will now earn no less than $570,500 in the upcoming season.

Which Is Better – AA Or AAA?

Triple-A or AAA is the highest MiLB level. Players at this level has a good chance of being signed to a Major League team. It is far superior to a double-A or AA ranking.

Which Position In Baseball Makes The Most Money?

The Designated Hitter is the highest-paid position in Major League Baseball. This position’s players earn more than their teammates. This is simply to point out that MLB players do not all receive the same amount of money.


Minor League Baseball players are not well compensated, despite popular belief that baseball is a rich sport in America. MLB players are paid a pittance compared to their Major League Baseball colleagues, who earn millions of dollars every year. This informative article has come to an end. We hope that this post assisted you in your search for information about the average pay of a baseball player.

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